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  • Why personal budget is important?

    A financial lesson learnt during this pandemic is importance of personal budget. We need to have a budget in place when it comes to our expenditure as it is the most essential aspect while managing your finances.  Many investors have a budget when it comes to their business but don’t have a personal budget and […]

  • Do you understand your risks before investing?

    When we speak about the types of risks in financial planning, each risk has a different philosophy, a different product and has different strategies to overcome. To understand this, you may need a risk map which will bring you value with benefits and also understand the maximum risk that you can bear. Risk management begins […]

  • Importance and benefits of Health Insurance

    In the last few months, the COVID-19  pandemic has drastically changed lives across the globe. Most countries haveimplemented various forms of lockdowns and restrictions to curb the spread of the coronavirus. With national and global health agencies continually stressing on the need to keep the immune system strong during the COVID-19 outbreak, the world has […]

  • Importance of Individual Pension

    In today’s challenging and competitive environment of business, people forget to make a proper provision for their retired life. A business owner is always running after money but forgets the main motive of getting into business which provides a quality life for him and his family. They are constantly investing and reinvesting only into their […]