Monthly Mastermind Meet for Business Owners & Professionals

We had our monthly Mastermind meet for Business Owners & Professionals and we are honored & blessed with Goa’s two prominent personalities, to have more & different sector knowledge to upgrade their business.

Dr. Muktesh Chander, IPS Director General of Police Goa (DGP) who made us aware of the frauds around the country, the measures and precautions on how to curtail them. Being such a busy personality of Goa, he had the time to encourage us on how to be smart citizens and having a balanced life between professional and personal. Most important topic was how to do multitasking with time management and much more things.

We also had Dr. Dayanand Rao of Goa Medical College who with his wise words illuminated different thoughts in our minds about various aspects. Be it perceptions or spirituality, your experience and incidents gave us the feel on how wrong we can be times and now we know how to think beyond that. Who am I ? And how manage mind? How spirituality helps us and many more.

We also like to thank each and every member of this group for being a part of this session, we are truly blessed.