• Fulfil your child’s dream

    As a respected figure in the society, you are well aware that education plays a very crucial role in the development and future of children. High cost of education has hampered the dreams of many bright and promising students. Moreover in the case of any unfortunate event that a child’s dream will be fulfilled even if the parents are no longer there to support. Keeping such aspects in mind, Mahesh Pai’s Financial Hub offers various child education and child marriage plans by determining the exact need to save for child’s future, without compromising on regular lifestyle.

  • Child Education Provision

  • Our loved ones come first!

    World doesn’t stop when tragedy triggers, Majority of businessmen create huge liabilities without any proper provisions. In case of eventualities due to stressful and competitive business atmosphere, your entire family has to suffer for generations. Like a child may not continue for professional courses, and spouse can’t handle the trauma of the situation and no support of liquid money. At Mahesh Pai’s Financial Hub we provide liability cover plan which enables complete security to your family.

  • Term Insurance